Infrastructure Working Group

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Group Lead: Derek LaHousse

Group Members:

Meeting time: Friday 1900

Next Meeting: 04 Mar 2011 Business to cover:

  • Review policy document for ReverseSpace Infrastructure: posted on this wiki
  • Announcement of ReverseSpace web site: results of CJ's efforts
  • Discussion of Thin Client Server: Alex's project

Initial Focus of the Working Group[edit]

A forum to discuss how to host projects for internal or external use on the ReverseSpace network, and to learn about network administration.


  • Providing safe and convenient access for members at the space
  • Installing and maintaining servers and repurposed desktops
  • Running web services like forums, web pages, and other services


  • Keep the ReverseSpace network useful for users as well as enable projects
  • Distribute the work of keeping the network protected
  • Provide education on how network protocols and servers create a useful network that provides various services