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What is Reverse Space?

  • a rapid prototyping space,
  • a hacker space,
  • an inventor's workshop,
  • a shared, dynamic work environment,
  • and more

What distinguishes these kinds of Spaces from companies where you just rent time on a piece of machinery is that a Space fosters a community at which you might find people hanging out, doing a co-working project for a start-up company, using tools and machinery to build a prototype, combining their skills to help a member through a snag with a complicated project or some doing art projects or writing a book.

Reverse Space is for anyone who wants to work in a shared workspace environment, but also where you can take your work to a desk and work solo, but not be alone, while doing it. It will be a diverse community where people can start a literature discussion or knitting club as easily as they can get a group of people together to play video games or do a coding project. The thread that connects all of us is our affinity for technology and innovation.

Membership options at Reverse Space are still being finalized. So far, we're planning on the following memberships:

  1. "take it in, take it out" hot desk
  2. a locker so you can leave your gear and projects
  3. a divided, lock & key access area with about 6 cubicles where you can leave your projects out on your private desk
  4. And, possibly, but not sure of availability yet, 1 or 2 private offices, lock & key access where it's your own office

To get an idea of other co-working and/or hacker spaces, here are some I've either visited and know members & founders:

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